Meet Team Ulika, a dedicated gang of smokers.
ROB MARLOW, Chief Cook
Sign: Capricorn
Barbecued Item: Ribs
Non-Barbecued Item: Snickers Ice Cream Bars
Barbecue Restaurant: Martin's (Nolensville) / Dreamland (Tuscaloosa)
Accompanying Beverage: Sweet Tea or Sun Drop
Word That Rhymes With "Pork": Snork
Skills: I'm working on um
BEN PATTON, Human Resources Director / Side Dishes
Sign: Scorpio
Barbecued Item: Pulled Pork Shoulder!
Non-Barbecued Item: Cornbread
Barbecue Restaurant: Payne's Bar-B-Q (Memphis)
Accompanying Beverage: Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi
Word That Rhymes With "Pork": Historic
Skills: personnel management, side dishes, Microsoft Excel
PETER SWANSON, Utility Infielder
Sign: Libra
Barbecued Item: Shrimp Diablos
Non-Barbecued Item: Ben's Baked Beans
Barbecue Restaurant: Slick Pig's (Murfreesboro)
Accompanying Beverage: Sun Drop...of course. Lots of 'em.
Word That Rhymes With "Pork": SGT. York
Skills: can play any number of positions, depending on who does / doesn't show up (Joe); reliable temperature sustainer; can pick up hickory in my truck, steal supplies from my employer, etc.
JOE COLVERT, Social Director
Sign: Pisces
Barbecued Item: Pork Rib
Non-Barbecued Item: Pies and such
Barbecue Restaurant: Archibald's (Northport, AL)
Accompanying Beverage: Silver Bullet
Word That Rhymes With "Pork": O'Rourke
Skills: Listening, Ladies, Trash Talking
Sign: Aquarius
Barbecued Item: the peppers
Non-Barbecued Item: beans
Barbecue Restaurant: Tops Bar-B-Q (Memphis)
Accompanying Beverage: Sun Drop
Word That Rhymes With "Pork": stork
Skills: Eagle Scout; Artist; Fly-Fishing; Master Fire Crafter - rubbing sticks together, flint and steel, lighters; Taste Tester